Telisa’s is currently no longer handling furniture refinishing, but is focusing on cabinets, banisters, and mantles. We have found that many people use the pictures of our work on our site for ideas and to explain what they would like, so we are leaving them here for the public to view and continue to draw ideas from.

Thanks to all of our customers for their continued support.

Before and After Pictures

Some 'before and after' pictures of some examples of Telisa's work


An example of Refinishing and Refacing work that Telisa\'s has done on bedroom furniture


Telisa's will come to your house, lay down paper and protect your walls and carpet while they refinish your banisters and give them the look that you desire.


Telisa's specializes in Cabinet Refinishing and Refacing. This gallery contains several examples of our work.

Occasional Tables

Telisa's refinishes all sorts of cabinets, furniture, and other wood products. This gallery contains pictures of some of the Occasional Tables that Telisa\'s finished.

Fireplace Mantles

Telisa's will refinish your fireplace mantle to give your room the look that you desire.

Exterior Doors

Doors are exposed to the weather, sprinklers, kids on bikes, basketballs, baseballs, and other potentially damaging things. Telisa\'s will provide a new face to your detailed wood doors and save you a lot of the cost of replacing it with a new one.

Dining Room Furniture

Tables, Chairs, Matching or mismatching. Coffee Tables, End Tables and the like. Telisa\'s does them all.

Other Things

There are many things that don\'t necessarily fit into one of the other categories that Telisa\'s has refinished or refaced. Here is a small sampling. If it\'s wood, and it needs to look better than it currently does, bring it in, or ask for a estimate.